High School Graduation
CGCHE recognizes the accomplishments of our seniors with a formal commencement ceremony. Seniors may showcase a talent and share a bio about their homeschool experience and future plans, while parents present their graduate. Parents of all seniors are required to help with this event.
  • You must be a CGCHE member for 2 consecutive years or pay a double membership fee, and you must be a registered member prior to 31 Dec 2017.
Kindergarten Graduation
CGCHE offers a Kindergarten Graduation in the spring.  This celebration can take any form agreed on by the parents including pictures, songs, and a formal cap and gown.

Spelling Bee
CGCHE enters the Scripps National Spelling Bee as a registered school allowing our winners to continue to the district, state, and national competition. The Scripps National Spelling Bee is for grades 4 through 8, although a practice bee may be provided for younger grades.
Standardized testing is offered through the Wynfield Academy in May (Second Baptist Church) for all age groups. The cost varies year to year, but is about $35 per child. The ITBS is ordered through and graded by Bob Jones. Results are returned within 6 weeks of testing. More specific information will be in the newsletter.

Bowling will be held on the 3rd Friday of each month, starting in September. Teams will be organized based on age, number of bowlers attending the session, and whether bumpers are needed. Parents may bowl as well.
Christmas Party
The CGCHE Christmas Party is held in December to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to bring in the season. Location, date, and time will be announced in the monthly newsletter and on the CGCHE Facebook group.
Fall Picnic
This is a fun time to get together at the start of the school year. The Board coordinates this event and picks a park/location, date and the entire CGCHE membership is invited to picnic together.
Field Day
This is a day of fun and recreation for the whole family. Children are divided into groups for light competition in a variety of team/individual activities, such as sack racing, hoola-hoop racing, ball throw, etc. A refreshment table is set up with hot dogs, chips, goodies and drinks for sale. Each family can pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at the park.
Mother’s Night Out
Volunteers will coordinate one MNO event and make sure the date, time, place, and activity information is included in the newsletter.
School Portraits
The group will provide an opportunity for school pictures. Arrangements will be in the newsletter.
Roller skating will be held every month at Olympia Skate Center (off of Houston Rd) from 1-3 pm. The cost is $4.00 per skater for roller skates (inline skates and beginning walkers are extra). This event is open to all homeschool families.
Valentine Party
The CGCHE Valentine party will be held in February allowing students to exchange Valentines and enjoy food and fun. Location, date, and time will be announced in the monthly newsletter and on the CGCHE Wiggio group.
CGCHE publishes its own yearbook, complete with senior portraits, activity pages, ads, and family pages. All CGCHE members are encouraged to submit a family portrait to commemorate your annual homeschool experiences. The yearbook is also an opportunity to “meet” other members.
Youth Groups
There are four youth groups – Play Group (PreK-2nd), Elementary (3rd-5th), Middle School (6th-9th), and High School (9th-12th). Activities are monthly, or as desired, and all activities are supervised by adult members of CGCHE. Ninth graders may choose to join either the Middle or High School group, but may not participate in both groups.

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